About Josy Thomas, Native American Sculptor

Artist Bio

 I started carving at age 6 with my Grandfather. Made my first False Face  mask at 9 and sold my first carving to a gallery at age 12. My Grandfather always told me to carve my own way, not his way. 

Works in progress

Dodem Project 

Springwater Provincial Park, On

Funded through an OAC Grant

Up-coming Shows

Native American Sculptor, Josy Thomas chosen as Demonstrating artist @

Woodland Indian Art Show & Market

June 1-3



Traditionally made Birch Bark Canoes available for sale

My canoes are entirely made the traditional way, no short cuts; no nails, no glue. Made the way my Granfather made them.


My Grandfather cared a lot about our People and our Traditions and he taught me so that I would teach the next generation. If your community would like me to run a workshop, you just contact me, teaching is a big part of his legacy.